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Code Description
4570710 Collet chuck suit Colchester lathe
8993 Lathe 6241 engineers lathe new, 4kw 3 phase motor, DRO, quick change tool post,52mm spindle, 410mm swing + gap bed, 1000mm between centres, coolant pump and light
943 Lathe C6256/1500 560mm swing (788 in gap) 80mm spindle, 3 phase 10hp motor, 25-1600rpm, digital readout, quick change toolpost etc 1500 or 2000 between centres
644617 Lathe CD6250B, 65 spindle 500 swing plus gap, 1500 bewteen centres, 3 and 4 jaw chucks, two steadies, quickchange toolpost
2370608 Lathe CO6230A/630 38mm spindle, 300swingx 914 B/C new
112117 Lathe CO636A New single phase 2hp, 38mm spindle, 360swing (480 in gap) 1000mm between centres, coolant pump, light, foot brake, steadies
944 Lathe CO636A/750 360mm swing, 38 spindle, 2 hp single phase, quick change toolpost, footbrake, coolant etc
2380608 Lathe CQ6128/660 New 280mm swing x 675 bc x 26mm spindle 1 hp 1 phase
6251019 Lathe New CO636N/1000 Digital Readout, 52mm spindle bore, 2hp 1 pase motor,70-2000rpm,swing 360mm, 1000 between centres, coolant pump, quickchange toolpost, footbrake, light
632517 Lathe Paykel TY1325BH single phase, 3 jaw chuck, travelling and fixed steady

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