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Welding Equipment

Code Description
104 Arc welder new Strata XI210ARC inverter single phase 210amp @ 60% duty cycle 2 year warranty
673318 Arc welder transarc 400
121 Generator/Welder new Powermax XPW190/3 190amp 3000watt
7070319 Mig Welder ESAB325amp 3 phase very tidy
9991 Mig and Tig welders Uni-Mig all models New
9990 Mig welder Strata XMS255 PRO gas/gasless mig, arc welding New
9992 Mig welder Weldtech by Jasic Compact CXM 200 amp, gas/gasless and arc welding single phase New
108 Mig welder new Strata CXM220PRO compact single phase inverter mig/arc
109 Mig welder new Strata XM250PRO single phase mig/arc optional tig, optional spoolgun
110 Mig welder new Strata XMS350 PRO three phase remote wire feeder mig/arc, optional tig, optional water cooler
111 Mig welder new Strata XMS500 PRO three phase remote wire feeder mig/arc, optional tig, optional water cooler
406210 Miller Synchrowave 300 AC/DC Tig welder
113 Plasma Cutter new Strata SC50C single phase IGBT inverter 50amp@60% duty cycle, professional model, cuts up to 14mm, HF start
115 Plasma Cutter new Strata SC120 three phase 120amp cuts up to 40mm
114 Plasma Cutter new Strata SC70C three phase 70 amp cuts up to 20mm
112 Plasma Cutter new Weldtech XSC40C single phase inverter 40 amp@60%duty cycle cut up to 12mm, Italian style torch ON SPECIAL NOW phone for details
99921 Plasma cutter Jasic cut40P 40 amp
1950408 Spot welder EMF 5.2 kva 3 phase
5560611 Tig Welder Miller Synchrowave 250 tidy
106 Tig welder new Blueweld PROTIG200 AC/DC inverter comes with tig torch and reg
107 Tig welder new Strata XTP2000 AC/DC inverter tig/arc pulse, single phase, variable amp torch, 2 year warranty
116 Tig welder new Strata XTP200PRO DC tig/arc single phase, HF start
423712 Welder Apex 220SE 3 phase slide choke very tidy

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