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Code Description
2390608 Bandsaw 7" x 12" metal cutting
99923 Bandsaw 712, 7 x 12"single phase 1.5hp, coolant pump, vertical and horizontal
118117 Bandsaw BS115
5470611 Bandsaw Rongfu (Taiwan) 250mm, hydraulic blade tension, laser sight New
539414 Bandsaw Startrite H250A fully automatic Power lift/ power rolls, 3 phase made in England mint
515114 Bandsaw Wespa three phase, auto feed rollers with stop, scruffy
2800908 Bandsaw metal cutting Rong Fu (Taiwan)CY275A, mitre cutting George, cutting cap 225mm round
2410608 Bandsaw woodworking 14" throat
509114 Cold cut saw Bramley 250mm 3 phase
4311012 Cold cut saw Fong Ho, Fanuc CNC controlled with powered vice
567215 Cold saw Bramley 200mm
2230608 Cold saw CS 315
5921211 Power hacksaw Automatic 250mm Kasto with auto feed rollers
552814 Power hacksaw Hawkins single phase
638617 Power hacksaw, 3 phase Velox
596216 ROH 3 phase power hacksaw
656917 Vertical metal bandsaw Amada VA500 variable speed with blade welder and power feed

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