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Code Description
104107 Bench grinder, Linishall, 200mm, 1 phase 1 hp New
945 Bench grinder, Linishall, with linishing attachment 200mm, 1 phase 1 hp New
614816 Cylindrical Grinder Okuma GCU universal 400 swing 1000 between centres 2 x internal grinding attachments
5700911T Drill point grinder Christen 05-10
5730911T Radius grinding attachment Clarkson
5720911T Saw blade grinder
482713 Surface Grinder Churchill NB, 3 phase, auto feeds, coolant, air bearing, tidy condition
463413 Surface grinder M7120A 630mm x 200mm, hydraulic feeds
5620911T Tool and Cutter Grinder, Jones and Shipman 310,
5570811 Tool and Cutter grinder Cinncinati
4741110 Tool and cutter grinder Elite AR5E/ET coolant, dust extractor, long travel table (950mm), indexing head, centres etc
481713 Universal Grinder HMT G13U 500 3 phase, cylindrical and internal grinding, swivel head, good condition
5660911T Universal spiral grinding unit, Haller UFS 155, can be mounted to any cutter grinder to acheive fast and easy backlash free spiral grinding,

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